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We offer a variety of cosmetic procedures to give you a  beautiful, confident, pearly-white smile.

Tooth-Coloured Filling

In need of a filling to replace a part of your tooth lost to decay or an accident? Fillings no longer need to be silver – we can now provide white fillings that are almost unnoticeable to the naked eye. In the past, silver fillings were needed for their longevity, but advances in technology allow for white fillings to have a nearly equal life-expectancy.


Bonding is the use of a tooth-coloured plastic to repair and prevent your tooth from decay, chipping and other damage. Unlike other procedures, it can be completed very quickly, usually within one visit.


Veneers are a thin sheath of porcelain that is permanently bonded to a tooth to improve its appearance. Veneers are a permanent option that last forever, and can also protect worn down, damaged teeth.


A Crown, also known as a Dental Cap, restores a tooth with a full cap. It is bonded with a tooth using dental cement, and is a permanent option to help save and protect the remaining tooth structure. Crowns are usually used when a large cavity is found within a tooth. Crowns can be metal or ceramic – traditionally, crowns have been made of gold thanks to its expansive nature, hence the name Crown.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a popular procedure to restore the colour of your teeth back to their original sparkling white. Years of brightly coloured foods, coffee, tea and wine, or smoking may have gradually discoloured your teeth. We offer several options to make them white again.