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What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation Dentistry is our specialty here at OraCare Dental. Our goal is to make sure our patients are as comfortable as possible during their dental procedures and treatments, even those who are especially nervous or anxious.

Here at OraCare, we like to say that ‘We Cater to Cowards!’ If you really, really don’t like going to the dentist, no matter the reason, we can sedate you to make sure your visit is as easy and relaxing as possible.

The benefits of being sedated during your dentist appoint can include:

  • Relaxation
  • More comfortable
  • Movement control
  • Better cooperation
  • Control of gag reflex
  • Little or no memory of treatment
  • Time saving (Fewer appointments needed)

Will I Fall Asleep or Be ‘Put Under’?

Our Sedation dentistry uses Nitrous Oxide to bring our patients into a relaxed, happy state. Nitrous Oxide is also known as ‘Laughing Gas’ because at a certain dosage, it can cause fits of laughter, (although we avoid this – non-stop giggling makes dental procedures much more difficult)!

How Long Does it Take to Recover?

Most patients find the effects of the Nitrous Oxide wear off after approximately 15 minutes from the end of the procedure. In fact, most patients are able to drive themselves home from appointments after recuperating from sedation. However, we recommended patients avoid heavy meals for at least 3 hours after sedation. Doing so can result in nausea and an upset stomach. Drink lots of clear fluids during this time.