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What is Involved in a Teeth Cleaning?

Teeth Cleaning (also known as prophylaxis) involves taking preventative measures to ensure teeth and gums are healthy rather than treating diseases after they form. The dentist or hygienist will remove plaque and tartar from your teeth using a variety of tools and instruments – this is known as ‘scaling’ or ‘debridement’. After, your teeth will be polished with a gritty paste to further remove deposits of buildup on and in-between each tooth.

Why is Getting a My Teeth Cleaned Important?

Getting your teeth cleaned is essential to having a healthy mouth full of teeth that lasts throughout your life. While daily brushing and flossing is imperative, professional dental cleaning can help fight and prevent gingivitis and other decay that can possibly lead to tooth pain. Not having adequate teeth cleaning habits may result in needing multiple fillings, a root canal or even a dental extraction.

What if I Don’t Like Going To The Dentist?

That’s Fine! Here at Oracare, we pride ourselves on offering the most comfortable dental experience for even the most Dentophobic patients. In fact we like to say we ‘Cater To Cowards.’ Our Sedation Dentistry means you can have a calm, relaxing dentist appointment that won’t cause you stress and won’t leave you recovering from being ‘knocked out’ for hours after your visit.